First outdoor portrait photo session

25 September 2009 by Nelson

Karine - MélanieWell I did my first portrait photo session last Saturday and I really loved it. First off, my friend Marc was the one that actually organized everything. The week before we went out scouting for a few locations where to shoot and found some nice places with many different decors that could be used as background. We met with our two lovely models, Mélanie and Karine, to discuss what we planned and the date and time was set.

The big day has finally arrived and Continue Reading…

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18 September 2009 by Nelson

Welcome to my new blog, I will be documenting my day to day activities as an amateur photographer, stuff that I find on the web and when my home studio is done, I’ll we most likely be adding setup info for some of those shots taken in studio.

So let me present myself; my name is Nelson Clark, I live in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu on the south shore of Montreal and I was into 35mm SLR photography many years back but had stopped for various reasons that I won’t get into right now. I have just got back into it in March 2009 when I bought my first dSLR camera; an Olympus E-510 with a 14-42mm 3.5-5.6 kit lens. I then got a bargain on an older Olympus 40-150mm 3.5-4.5 kit lens that I got for $40.00 on Craigslist, it is a kit lens but I love the images that it produces. A few months later I got an Olympus 70-300mm 4.0-5.6 lens from Henry’s, this was bought mostly for nature shots that I really like to do but unfortunately don’t have enough time to do (yes I know, I should make time for it).

Now a friend of mine “Marc” asked me to get into portrait (mostly urban and outdoor stuff), so I got a couple of flashes for this purpose. First off I moded my old Vivitar 2800 so that the auto-off “feature” was disabled and installed a 1/8 inch sync port on it (more on this mod in another post) so that I could use it with a set of Cactus V4 remote flash triggers that I bought from Gadget Infinity. The Vivitar 2800 is an old generation SLR flash and has a measured voltage of about 240 volts, so using the Cactus remotes; I could use it without any problem.

Then I got a brand new Vivitar DF-383 eTTL Olympus dedicated flash, this flash has full manual control so that it can be used off camera with full control. The TTL function works great on the hot shoe and it also has a motorized zoom.

Then just today I found a Sunpack 433d flash on Kijiji, got the flash for $20.00 and after testing it a bit, I like it a lot. It has manual controls down to 1/16 power and has a plug so that it can be plugged via a power pack (A/C or battery) for faster recharge times. First thing I did was to mod the flash with a 1/8 inch sync plug and disconnected the Minolta TTL pins on the hot show just in case I need to use it on camera since the 433d is dSLR safe with a 4 volts sync voltage.

So anyway, I’ll stop rambling about my stuff for now and keep some thing to talk about later on, tomorrow will be my first portrait photo-shoot and I will report back on how it went with a few pictures.

Posted 7 years, 9 months ago.

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